Born in 1966 in Petah Tikva , Israel
Spent much of his childhood with his grandfather, the poet Y.Z. Shargel (Winner of the Prime Minister Prize for Literature) and turned his art circles of the time. So it was Wolfson Learn to draw birds actually poet Amir Gilboa (Israel Prize for Literature), his first acquaintance with the sculpture was with the works of French sculptor Milberger (statues  Presidents of Israel, at President J. - D).
Wolfson studied painting at the Avni Institute and a year later he left with his teacher Naftali Golomb and studied with him for several years.
The first successful exhibitions he has held in Europe and the United States referred to paintings by Monet.

Wolfson shared over the years with many artists in painting, sculpture, music and literature.
His knowledge of multi-disciplinary control coming with many different techniques, his works reflected the diversity.
Yuval Wolfson and Romi Gallery cooperate nearly twenty years.
At the beginning of their joint venture, managed the Wolfson Print Workshop and cooperated with the greatest artists at that time.
To date, Wolfson is a global specialist in artistic print silk Screen printing technique in particular

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